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Easy Ways to Conserve Energy This Summer

July 9, 2022

With the way the economy is shaping up after the whirlwind of the pandemic and inflation affecting everything from gas to food prices, finding ways to save a few bucks here and there can go a long way. One effective method is using tips and tricks to cut down on your energy use. Not only will this keep a little extra cash in the bank for you, but it'll also help with the environment.

In this article, we'll explore 6 easy ways you can conserve energy this summer and help you save money on your utility bills in the process.


6 Easy Things You Can Start Now to Conserve Energy


1. Turn Off the Lights When You're Not Using Them

It's easy to forget to flick the switch when you leave the room, but remembering to do so can have a big impact on your energy use. You can take it a step further by keeping them off during the day and opening your shades and blinds to let natural sunlight in.


2. Don't Use as Much Hot Water

Water heaters use a ton of energy, either gas or electricity, to warm up the water. If you avoid using it all the time, it can also help you keep down those energy bills. When you do need to use hot water for showers or similar things, try a lower temperature because hotter water requires more energy.


3. Watch the Temperature of Your AC

One of the biggest consumers of electricity is air conditioning, especially if you set the thermostat very low. Try to keep it around room temp and make use of fans. However, if you need the AC running constantly, then check to make sure the seals on your doors and windows are intact so it doesn't let the colder air escape.


4. Unplug Devices and Appliances When Not in Use

Of course, appliances such as the fridge need to stay plugged in but others do not and will still use energy even when they aren't fully on. This includes coffee makers, microwaves, video game consoles, etc. These "vampire" devices can consume as much as 10% of your monthly energy use.


5. Replace Old Light Bulbs, Devices, and Appliances

Another tip is to use newer products because they tend to be more energy efficient when compared to their older counterparts. This is especially true for light bulbs because LED lights use far less electricity compared to the older incandescent types.


6. Request an Energy Audit

Finally, we recommend requesting an energy audit from a professional. They'll be able to pinpoint where energy goes and suggest ways you can fix the problem. They will inspect your house from top to bottom and find things like faulty appliances, air leaks, and other things that negatively impact your energy consumption.


Final Thoughts

There are many other ways to conserve energy, such as installing solar panels or investing in smart devices. However, we took the path of least resistance and hope these 6 easy tips will help you save energy and money this summer.


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